It's all about those leather pants! ( or errrr pleather jeggings!)

November 01, 2011

I've always loved leather trousers (done right of course) but have never seemed to find a pair to fit me right! Unless you're shaped like a supermodel, those pants are hard to get on when you have hips and curves. How excited was I when I discovered pleather! They stretch, they slip on easily, they feel comfortable and they're cheaper!The only thing about faux leather is that they will eventually give and lose shape. They're also going to be a bit shinier than real leather so I have to be really careful and make sure I smarten them up with a nice shirt, smart blazer and cute heels. I got my pleathers from H&M and I love them! They are becoming a much used item in my wardrobe and think they will see me through the cold winter.

Image from [H&M ]

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