Girl Friday - It's all about the jersey jumpsuit

June 15, 2012

Happy Friday! What is with this schizophrenic weather?? I'm really having a hard time deciding what to wear when it's pouring down with rain one minute and sunny the next! Sort it out please UK. For my Girl Friday look today I decided to go for my comfortable jersey jumpsuit with a short denim Jacket. This was another Primarche number and I love the fact that it's so stylish and snug. They are pretty long and flared so I tend to wear them with high wedges , which makes my legs look a tad bit longer.(love that) This is the perfect Friday outfit for me because even though it's slightly relaxed, I can still go out for dinner/drinks after work without feeling too casual. You'll have to forgive the image of my head and legs chopped off. This was job done from my mum. I thought I'd try her out as photographer just to see and after 15 mins in the garden, this was the result! Clearly she's fired! Now you see why I have to do my outfit pics myself :-)

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