A girls guide to shopping sensibly..... It can be done!

July 06, 2012

I don't know about you but shopping is a major major therapeutic experience for me. I need to do it alone, unrushed and with no interruptions. Honestly after a shitty day/week, it does me a world of good. I'm not one to go out and buy things I don't need and spend unnecessarily... that was the old me. But every now and then I do have a little splurge which I did last week on some new bits; 3 pairs of shoes, two tops, one dress and a jumpsuit and can you believe all for under £100! I am the ultimate bargain hunter  unless I'm buying an investment piece so was really pleased with all my purchases.With the weather being the way it is, I don't really need a new summer wardrobe so I just topped my old one with a few things. Well .. a girl needs a little cheering up every now and then. Check out some of  my new bits

My Beautiful Spike Topshop pumps - Love them

My new heels from Topshop- Sexy Mama

I am majorly inlove with my new  Zara playsuit! This is definately an investment piece I will wear and wear and wear.

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  1. Wow amazing bargains. Cant believe its all for under 100!


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