My Winter Wardrobe Wish List - Smart Vs Casual

September 30, 2012

I dream about clothes... all the time! In fact I dream about clothes, shoes and bags  that would seriously haemorrhage my credit card if I ever dared to purchase them . As soon as the season starts  to change, I literally daydream about new pieces that would give my wardrobe the most luxurious makeover. Although my style is classy chic, I do tend to switch from smart to casual on a day-to day basis ( I can't do heels everyday any more). So the wish list I've put together consists of  smart and casual pieces I would die for ( ok... a little over dramatic...would like a lot) For me, getting dressed in the winter is a pain. Dragging yourself out of bed in the dark, tired and cold is a nightmare so the easier it is for me to throw something on the better. My wish list obviously means picking out my dream outfits but as I always say, everything I choose would be an investment as well as serve a functional purpose. Basically I would need to live in them/wear them all season.  It's really important for me to mix and match as well and sometimes I stop myself from buying things where I ask the 'what would I wear it with question'. So even though I've put together a smart and casual look I can also switch things round to create even more outfits. So here's my wishlist ..

My Dream A/W wardrobe - Smart vs Casual
For me this season it's all about:

  •  The aviator leather jacket (Rick Owens.. I love you)
  •  A pair of shoe boots ( Dear Giuseppe Zanotti... I need you) 
  •  The leather skater skirt (or faux leather)
  •  Oversized sunglasses ( Hello Prada
  •  A pair of jeans that make you look like JLo ( in my case, J brands
  •  A pair of  wedge trainers (Isabel Marant started the trend ) 
  •  And last but not least .... The handbag! 
  •  Casual  everyday use: the Mulberry Del Rey ( I love the shape and size) 
  •  Going out: Chanel ....( need I say more)  Cavia Maxi Double flap 

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