It's all about hiding the extra Christmas Pounds !

January 19, 2013

I know most of us start the eat healthy/lose weight just after the new year but I seem to have had a delayed reaction and only just come to terms with the fact that I need to shift some unwanted Christmas pounds! It might have something to  do with me having a health check last week and being given figures I just didn't want to hear ( BMI, fat % and official weight). This has truly given me a kick up the arse to do something about it but what on earth to wear in the mean time???  I tend to have a 'skinny wardrobe' and a 'fat wardrobe', lord knows everyone needs one. The skinny wardrobe is great, full of amazing clothes I love to wear when my body is at it's best and I'm feeling good about myself. This includes things like body con dresses, leather jeans, bustiers and flat shoes. My fat wardrobe however is my life saviour! It's full of clothes that hide, conceal and camouflage parts of me that  just don't need to be shown. The clothes in this wardrobe hold me in, lift  me up and give other people an illusion of a figure I don't currently own. I really don't know what I would do without these necessities. Here is the run-down of what I wear during this stressful period. 

1)  Heels - Usually my shoe boots or wedged boots. Make my legs look longer, giving the illusion of me being taller and slimmer. Also helps with posture and walking my way to thin City
2) Skinny jeans- I normally go for high-waisted and black during my fat phase. Black in general tends to conceal lumps and bumps and I find skinny jeans act as a wonder bra for my butt and thighs by lifting everything up and holding it in. Can't live without these... a must

3) Flared Jeans - Flared jeans are great for fat days. They balance out my heavier upper body and when I wear them with heels ( wedged heels work the best) they give me a leaner, longer look. Again another great illusion 

4) The oversized handbag - It's very simple really, the bigger your handbag, the smaller you look. Victoria Beckham started a good trend 

5) Fitted shirt - Nothing like a good old fitted shirt to help a girl out when times are .. well fat. A good shirt accentuates my waist and gives me a nice silhouette. It also covers up my arms which I hate the most when I feel fat  

6) Fitted blazer - As if I would do a blog post without mentioning my staple wardrobe piece all year round; the blazer. Really don't know where I'd be without my blazers, they are like my wardrobe comfort blanket and boy do they save me on fat days. What don't they do? They cover my bum, my arms, nip me in at the waist, make me look longer and just conceal everything! Love em 

7) The LBD- I tend to steer clear of dresses when I'm feeling heavy but If I have to do it, I'd always go for the little black dress with sleeves, and somehow nipped in at the waist ( either a skater dress shape or with a belt) 

8) The Skinny belt - As I'm bottom heavy, I tend to wear skinny belts above my natural waistline to clinch in whatever I'm wearing. I find that belts highlight the centre of the body which instantly trims down your shape. I usually wear belts with chunky knitwear and tapered dresses 

9) The oversized t-shirt - Can't really beat the oversized t-shirt to hide it all! It covers my bum, hides love handles and is great for the times when you can just about do up your jeans. I  tend to wear them with heels though, much needed 

10) Spanx -They come in all shapes and sizes but every girl needs some form of spanx in her life. The leggings, the pants, the one-piece all to do the job of holding everything in, lifting it up while smoothing the lines. Admittedly not the most comfortable things to wear but great for a special occasion or night out when you're just not feeling your best.

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