The Long and Short of it: Help my hair dilemma

January 21, 2013

Hi guys I'm in a real hair dilemma and I  need your help! 
Just before Christmas I decided to cut all my hair off after having over a decade of long hair ( aka extensions, aka the weave) and needing a change. Two months on and I've persevered  ..... it's still short!
 Believe me when I say.... it's been an adjustment! I actually went back to the hairdressers a month ago to get it cut again because I wasn't happy with the first result. The look I wanted was the pixie short style but the hairdresser explained that he didn't want to go that short the first time round in case I hyperventilated from the shock! He wanted me to get used to having short hair before really going for it with the pixie look. 

I have to say that I'm dealing with it a lot better the second time round but now I'm at a dilemma.For me to continue to have my hair like this I need to re-touch, cut and style it every 4 weeks! This is very expensive to keep up, and although my extensions weren't exactly cheap, they would last me at least 2-3 months. 

Also for people who think  short hair is easier to manage .... it's not. I have to blow dry , straighten, wrap and style it every night and a bit in the morning which takes up about an hour and a bit of my day.... everyday!
 My extensions were high maintainance too but not as much as dealing with your own short hair.
So this is my dilemma.  I am now coming unto the 4th week and I need to get my hair done again. If I get it done again it means cutting it and relaxing it. If I don't I will go back to my long look ( aka get my weave on) The in-between situation is not going to look good so  while I grow it again the weave will be back! I really really don't know what to do.
There are pros and cons of having both hairstyles and I've had mixed reviews from people; some love it short, others prefer it long. The short look is growing on me now and I am starting to like it but the maintainance ,cost and condition it's leaving my hair in is putting me off having this long term. 
There is a complete liberation of having my own hair and having it short ( black girls especially will understand this) but I miss my long locks too ( yes they are mine because I paid for them) 
I am so torn between what the hell I need to do that you guys need to help me decide. Should I go back to my weave or persevere with the short? At least for the next 3-6 months? You will be doing me such a huge favour as I am seeing the hair dresser next week and I need to make a decision. Which one do you prefer??? HELP ME PLEASE!! I thank you :-)

From this - Long

To  this ( the first cut) 

To this ( Now current; the pixie look) 

Please vote below on which one I should stick to 

Which hairstyle do you prefer?

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  1. You rock all your looks but the short ones show off your beauty x

    h x


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