It's all about the Michael Kors Rose Gold MK8096

July 26, 2013

[Image Source: ASOS]

Even though I have been a fan of the rose gold watch for a while, it seems like they have become an even bigger phenomenon of late since the likes of Victoria Beckham paraded around in her Rolex Daytona back in the day.

To be honest, I've been refraining myself from buying one because they are so popular, (perhaps too popular) being one of the 'must have' accessories for fashionistas worldwide. Brands from luxury to high-street have  their own versions including Fossil, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Burberry, River Island and Michael Kors and they also seem to have a unisex appeal.

After deciding to treat myself to a good quality everyday watch, ( thank you work bonus) I browsed for weeks looking at alternatives to the rose gold; silver, white gold, gold and leather were all options but none of them appealed as much, so I decided to bite the bullet, got on the bandwagon and went for the Michael Kors oversized rose gold number (MK8096). 

I made the decision based on a few factors; rose gold complements most skin tones (particularly well against dark skin) and its warm more subtle tone makes it  the versatile accessory. The Micheal Kors design in particular has a classic but contemporary look to it, meaning it can pretty much go with anything in my wardrobe. Then there's the size...
I have never been a lover of the small, dainty 'ladies' style watches and for me, the over-sized 'men's versions are much more flattering. As they look bigger against female wrists, they give the illusion of having us skinnier ones which is of course is a result!   

I have to say, I am really pleased with my purchase and after having various links taken out then back in it's a perfect fit. This particular watch is pretty heavy and I do feel the weight when I wear it, but that's probably down to the fact that I haven't worn watches for a while. Love Love Love my new buy :-)

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