It's all about the summer shorts

April 29, 2014


I can finally see summer on the horizon and very much looking forward to brighter clothes, open toed sandals, maxi dresses and of course shorts! A good pair of shorts go a long way in the summer, especially on the hottest of days ( not that we get many of them in the UK). There is a trick to finding the right pair as you have to make sure they're are the right shape, length, colour and print for you. The mistakes often made is going for a trend that just doesn't work for you and let's be honest.. we've all done it ( like me lusting after those Zara Skorts that did nothing for me, then having to take them back the next day) 
Shorts are like summer jeans and because you end up living in them, it's worth investing time and money on the right ones. They can be  both age and size appropriate as long as you get ones that flatter your body shape, and you can class them up. By this I mean there is no need to show too much on top as your legs are already so bare ( unless you're on the beach/by the pool)  
I love wearing them with either a shirt tucked in, a thin sweater, loose t-shirt or of course a smart blazer.  As for footwear, I tend to steer away from heels though wedges can sometimes work depending on what you wear with them and where you are ( e.g a night out in Ibiza) I've picked out some different style shorts for this summer, and my absolute favorite has to be the Rubysky London navy bloom shorts with a pom pom finish ! Love them. 

Shorts in the Day  

... And for a night out

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