Blog Crush : Q&A with Freddie of I go by Frankie

May 30, 2014

All photos taken from Freddie's blog I go by Frankie

Very excited to be featuring my second blog crush with the one and only Freddie Tietcheu of I go by Frankie .If you haven’t seen her or heard of her blog then where have you been???
Freddie is a Parisian girl living in London and working in.. yes you guessed it fashion.

I love Freddie’s style because …

She represents everything I love about fashion; bold, bright, brave, experimental, current and on trend though she uses her own individual spin on everything.
It’s fair to say that I couldn’t pull off 90% of what Freddie wears but I look forward to all her posts and truly admire her, fun, quirky and classy take on fashion . I also love her hair (so envious of that beautiful fro)
I was thrilled to bits she was up for being interviewed for my blog crush series and here’s what she had to say... 

Q: If you could only have three items of clothing in your wardrobe what would they be and why?

A: I'm quite simple when it comes to basic. All I need is a pair of skinny jeans, I love when they're ripped around the knees and tight around the ankles, it gives the impression that you have long legs! Then I would need a blazer, I'm very much obsessed with suits and nice tailoring so I couldn't live without a nice blazer. I think that the 3rd item would be a shirt, a simple casual shirt

Q: How would you best describe your personal style?
A: I'm not sure how to describe my style! It evolves with time I guess. I can be a tomboy - I love baggy clothes and loose fit, I love what it does to my silhouette and the elegance it gives me. But I also adore colours and prints that I mix and match and I'm a huge fan of heels. It just depends of the mood of the day. But I don't really do the full on girly mix, tight everything, boobs and bum out. It's not very me. I used to rely on "sexy" a lot when I was younger but now I choose elegance over sexy and don't really feel comfortable in really tight or short outfits

Q: What do you think makes someone stylish?  
A: Confidence makes someone stylish I think. We don't have to all have the same style, fashion is very personal and I love following girls (on Instagram for example) who own their own style, even if they wear things that I would never wear. Ownership makes someone stylish to me

Q: What is your biggest style tip?
A: Dare, dare, dare! Try, experiment, mix, match, just have a laugh really! You might be surprised about what you discover about you and your style :)

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