Blog Crush: Style tips with Olivia of What Olivia Did

February 10, 2015

All photos sourced from What Olivia Did 
My blog crush series starts this year with a Q&A interview from  the lovely Olivia of What Olivia did. I met Liv three or four years ago and been fan of her style and blog ever since. Her well put together and beautifully written blog has become a brand in its own right, which I think is down to her authentic way of interpreting fashion, style, photography and all things in between. Olivia runs her blog with boyfriend and photographer Joe full time as well as  taking on freelance and consultancy work.

I love Olivia's style because....
She has a fantastic way of mixing up vintage chic with a modern twist while staying true to her individual style. I also love her reference to the 60's era, hints of Audrey Hepburn and flair of boho chicness. Here are some of her style tips for blog crush:

Q: If you could only have three items of clothing in your wardrobe what would they be and why? 
A:Ooh this is tough! Saying that I'd probably safely say a breton striped tee (it's my complete go to when ell else fails), a good pair of jeans (normally I'd say skinny, but I'm having a flares phase, as they seem to be the only jeans to make me look a little taller) and a cute seventies or sixties inspired swing dress to pair with tights and sandals for all weather!
Q: How would you best describe your personal style? 
A: Probably a mix of sixties girl-group wannabe and overgrown toddler (dungarees and all)!
Q: What do you think makes someone stylish?   
A: Just having the confidence to wear what makes you happy. Whether that's a white shirt and a pair of jeans, or a tile print rainbow co-ord, being able to wear what makes you feel good is the most important thing.
Q: What is your biggest style tip? 
A: Just do it! You live and learn and life is too short to not make sartorial risks (trust me, me and my yellow jeans have been there)!

                                          All photos sourced from What Olivia Did 

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