It's all about Balenciaga

June 01, 2015

Every now and then, I like to treat myself on erm.. nice leather goods. In my defence, it’s never an impulse buy and I’m usually lusting over it for a while before I make the final purchase.  I have been a fan of Balenciaga ever since I lived in LA a few years ago. Yes.. I know Cristóbal Balenciaga is Spanish but there is something very Californian girl about their city range; the grainy worn leather, the metallic studs and the tasselled finishes. I’m usually more of a classic, structured handbag type of girl but LA influenced me with its understated, casual, rock chick style . I bought a black giant city bag (similar here) nearly 7 years ago, and it continues to be one of my most loved  bags and prized possessions.
I have been after a decent wallet for a while and though I considered the Saint Laurent Monogramme  and the Valentino rockstud Balenciaga was still always front of mind. Maybe it was the sentimental attachment I’ve got with my city, I feel we've had great times and been to many places, so I'm hoping the wallet will do the same (as well as bring some good luck to my finances).
I wasn’t expecting to buy it on this day, but I was randomly browsing in Selfridges Birmingham ( work trip) when I overheard the word ‘sale’.  And there it was.. the beautiful Giant Continental Zip around leather wallet in black and purple (sold out but similar here). 
No joke of a lie, the purchase was made in 15 minutes. I had been thinking about it for a while, it was a beautiful colour and the discount made it impossible for me to walk away!

I always go for this size but I wanted to try the zip around style as I always have trouble with coins falling into my bag. The calf leather is really soft and the fabric and leather lining gives it a lovely finish.  I also love the front slit pocket at the front which is great for train tickets or anything I need to grab quickly,  while the 12 card is basically sorting out my life!  A wallet is a wallet at the end of the day but I know this one is an investment that will last me a while, and I won’t have to worry about replacing it in a couple of years.  It’s already starting to gain sentimental value and I’m hoping it does bring me abundance. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it 👀

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