It's all about the Tobago Wedding: Ohana Villa

September 03, 2016

When one of your best friends invites you to her wedding, you're honoured to be one of her guests. When it's taking place in the Caribbean, you can't pack quick enough. When you realise you're staying at one of the most beautiful villas on the island, you're delirious! I was lucky enough to be invited to my friends intimate wedding in Tobago a few weeks ago. Tobago is one of the smaller but beautiful Caribbean islands and is part of Trinidad, where my friend is from. We stayed at the gorgeous Ohana Villa  where the wedding took place. 

This Villa.. well it was just wow! It sits high up on the end of Sandy Cove, giving you access to 180 degree views of the Atlantic Ocean. Every single view from the villa is breathtaking. Not only do you get the privacy and the views, you also enjoy two infinity pools separated by a seafront gazebo, a tropical back garden and a semi private beach (only shared with a boutique hotel next door). Four bedrooms wrap around the main sun deck ( which also has a jacuzzi) with two of them owning a private balcony you can sit and relax on.
Of course it was a fantastic wedding venue (my friend and her husband have impeccable taste) but I also enjoyed the cosy, warm and inviting atmosphere the rest of the time I was there. The pure ocean breeze had to be one of the perks of the location, which I could happily fall asleep to anytime. 

The villa is staffed with two housekeepers and a manager who are helpful and friendly, and go that extra mile to make sure you're comfortable. The main housekeeper is also an excellent cook which did not really help with the 'need to look good in swimwear and for the wedding' diet. 
The view from my bedroom just made me smile every single morning, and I could happily sit and stare out of my bed for hours while reading. The peace and tranquillity is one of the things I treasured most about staying there.  

The wedding itself was beautiful; I laughed, I cried, I jumped in the pool and had way too much rum. My friends are a fairly private couple so didn't feel it would be right to share photos but believe me when I say she looked stunning and he looked dapper. This wedding, was hand on heart one of the best I've ever been to and one I will never forget. Thanks for all the staff at Ohana for looking after us. :-) 

What I wore: You'll never guess (I'm not even joking...) ZARA

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